Thursday, 6 December 2007

Exiting The Great Smidge Debate

As easily as it started, it was over.

I read the free scarflet pattern. It warned about gauge and the need to increase needle size. So I bundled a whole load of needles into a bag with my pattern and yarn (plus a spare ball of different wool, a copy of Knit.1 and some extra needles, just in case) then I headed off to work, on a day that I knew included an afternoon communications event.

The afternoon yielded unexpected knitting results.

The communications event delivered 4 hours of presentations. For the record, I warned my boss in advance that I planned to knit through it (on the basis that these events tend to leave me with bruised hands*^).

*From digging my fingernails into the soft parts of my hands in order to remain alert and upright in my chair.

^Ok, I didn't put it quite that way - I emphasised my Kinesthetic learning style and underlined how much more information I would retain if I was able to do something during the presentation.

My boss chuckled (in disbelief, I think) and as I didn't spot him all afternoon, I guess that he may have sat elsewhere just in case senior management took a dim view of my knitting?

So while the MD and the senior management team presented, I swatched for a Smidge.

I started at the ball band's recommended needle size and increased needle size until I ran out of needles (6mm-6.5mm-7mm-8mm-9mm). I did a few centimetres of the pattern in each and the blinking thing was still too dense.

Now, while the presentations turned out to be very interesting, the Smidge stitch pattern I'd chosen was very dull to work. (It worked really well having something to do while I listened and watched, so I really hope that I do not find a P45 on my desk at the end of the month!)

I thought of the proud moment when I would gift this hotly debated design to my sister. Then I studied it more closely and I thought, "I am not enjoying knitting this - I wouldn't wear it. So if I wouldn't wear it, my sister definitely won't wear it."

Hmm. Abandon. Abort. Do something else. So I reached back into my bag, pulled out my ball of Handmaiden Strati, Knit.1 magazine, size 12mm needles, I checked a chart and decided to have a play.

Ooooh, you just wait til I next post - with photos.

I am feeling very confident that you are sooo going to want to viral knit one of these (just as soon as you have managed to get your hands on a copy of Knit.1).

Oh ho ho ho (in a Santa way), so certain that you are!

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Mel said...

Well being lucky to have already seen the efforts I think you are right about setting off a viral knit here. It is working so well in your choice of yarn and I have to say that colour is lucious too. Oh well everyone else is going to have to wait for you pics. I am still confused about the Pidge / smidge thing. Which one is it? I know for a teacher I am definately a bit of a slow learner.
Oh totally agree with the kinesthetic learning style thing I have boys in my class who I have given those stress balls to use in my lessons to help them retain and concentrate.