Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Sooo G-l-a-m-o-u-r-o-u-s!

Oi, give me a break!

After the comments received on those Gaiter pictures in my last post, I feel obliged to share the images that you almost got as a post headliner. See?

Don't give this woman alcohol - things could've been worse. Far worse.

In addition, here is one of the last minute pictures that I took to restore the usual levels of sanity at Casa O.R.K.

You know, I was simply doing my best to do the gaiter design a favour by keeping my humour out of sight and my face as straight as possible (under the circumstances).

However, I hope that my earlier pictures do sort of reveal the fact that I enjoy smartening up once in a while (albeit that it does take a scheduled event to propel me towards my make up, hairdryer and straightening irons).

Actually, last Saturday's 'rather more groomed than usual' look was brought to you courtesy of Robynn (left).

Robynn organised some Christmas cocktails and knitting at One Aldwych - very posh, I loved it.

Also, after 3 mohitos and a cocktail called a Toblerone (very, very sickly), I found it very easy (once home and safe in the privacy of my own home) to slip on a few small knits and point a camera at myself in the mirror.

After that much Dutch courage, who wouldn't?!

It was a good, sociable afternoon with people whose company I enjoy - complete with festive drinks and an anti-sock project knitting moment from a new-ish sock knitter battling their 2nd sock cast on. 3rd or 4th attempt being frogged (left).

You know, I appreciate that I mustn't cackle at her misfortune but as a woman faced with ripping out all of her shrug ribbing...it is tempting! Bah humbug!

On a brighter note (with many thanks to Robynn and my older brother), I received an early Christmas present and a belated birthday present this weekend:


Now all I need to do is work out whether I can get these two gifts together for a project.

Just imagine: a Kim Hargreaves design and some luxury yarn worked with Namaste glass needles?
Who ever knew that a London, Zone 5 girl could be so lucky?! Forget the 'Yarn Snob' concept, it's time to get my pencils out to create a 'Knit Snob' tattoo to emblazon across the small of my back.

Just so much more knitting tool and pattern inclusive? Don't'cha think?

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