Friday, 14 December 2007

My sister always has me in stitches of laughter

So it is impossible to keep a camera steady when she is around!

It doesn't help that she is usually laughing too. Or just moving too quickly for my camera to focus on properly. So all pictures are very blurry.

My sister popped over for a glass of wine and to collect her birthday present Gaiter from me last night and the email that I have received from her at work this morning states,

"I'm wearing the scarf now and everyone is verra jealous and they all want one. Ha - they can't have one!"

So okay, is it easy to tell that we are sisters?!

Now my sister doesn't knit.

However, last night I did notice that she could not get over how soft her scarf yarn is and better still, I noticed that she was unable to put down the glass Namaste needles.

Heheheh. I think that I see an opportunity to draw her over to the knit side?

I reckon that all it would take is a carefully selected pair of needles and some very soft yarn, in her favourite colours.

Gently, does it. She simply will not realise, until it's too late and she 'comes to' in a yarn store gripping a pair of beautiful, smooth needles and fondling a skein of something mesmerisingly soft and vibrant.

By then, then it will be too late - too late for her to resist the allure of the knit!

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Mel said...

Bring her along to Amida and we can ply her with wine, needles and yarn. The gaiter looks fab. It really has turned out brilliantly. I think I may be nicking the pattern from you in the New Year. Must get Carls jumper done first. That colour is great for your sister too - despite her movements and slightly blurry pictures - which to me don't look too blurry at all. Ummm what does that say about me!