Sunday, 2 December 2007

My Birthday Gift

This is my birthday present from Mel (Yogic Knitter) along with some patterns that she had looked out especially for me.

It takes a knitter to know a knitter? Now I am willing to bet that you are wondering what that item on the left is for.

We-ll, we were on the tube, on our way to the SnB day with Army of Knitters. Somehow, we chatted our way around to the topic of knitting in the dark and illuminated knitting needles.

I cannot remember whether anyone confessed to having some illuminated needles. I pointed out that I want some but that I am going to have to wait until they start making them in 14" versions, as the only ones that I have seen are 10". No good for me.

No, when I knit in the dark (usually happens when I am staying in a caravan during sporting events), I end up trying to clip one of those book night light to my pjs.

It's not a great solution - I told them that the little arm with the light on, usually pokes me under the chin or simply illuminates my cleavage - they laughed.

Then suddenly, Army of Knitters dove into her rucksack, rummaged around and said something like,

'Oh no! What you want is one of these!'

'What on earth is that?!'

'A camping head lamp.'

'A camping head lamp?! What? You sit in bed, next to your boyfriend, with a torch strapped to your forehead?! Give over, no you don't!'

'Yes, I do,' she demonstrated obligingly (much to our delight and the confusion of those sitting around us).

So now I have one of my own.

I am not sure that Mel is aware but because I was away for my birthday this year, her gift was the only one that I received - so it sort of makes it extra special.


Dotty said...

I have one of those head light things and I don't like it. If I'm trying to knit while lying down, my forehead usually isn't pointed at my knitting. What works best for me is my flashlite friend ( I really like it.

Mel said...

Its made me laugh all over again as I hadn't seen the picture of Heather and her Headlamp. I just had to get you one though, it wouldn't have been right not to.
Will be interested to hear how you are getting on the the WIP card too, with all those yarn purchases made in Canada. I got one for myself but haven't had the need to use it yet.