Sunday, 3 February 2008

How to solve a bad hair problem...

...with a little help from good friends!

Namely Yogic Knitter and Robynn, who took pity on me yesterday and donated a knit to save my brain (and the eyesight of anyone else looking in my general direction).

Shh, it's a test knit (keep an eye on Robynn's Purlescence website). Now I have only taken this hat off in order to go to bed in the past 24 hours. So do you think that I can show up like this to all my work meetings this week, until I have got 'the light ginger bit' resolved by the salon?!

Luckily, I have recovered my sense of humour - the cut'll grow out. It may even look reasonable in about 6-8 months time. Which is roughly how long it will take me to be driven back through a hairdressers door by split ends and diabolical roots after this latest incident.

I just cannot deal with that little bright orange bit at the front. So I am going to have to tackle the salon tomorrow morning.

Here it is in daylight, glued to my head with hair mousse (which seems to have darkened it down a little), so that the 'half fringe' stays off my face.

Face to face feedback on my colour and cut so far this weekend has included:

'Hmm, it's not too bad.' Polite grown up friends.

'The colour's far too dark - it doesn't suit you.' Fashionable 15 year old daughter of a friend, looking up from tv programme, when asked by her mother what she thought.

'What's Gabrielle done to her hair?!' 12 year old boy, who spotted my blog over his mother's shoulder.

'Oh my god, why is your hair black and what is that orange skunk stripe at the front of your hair?!' Unprompted opinion of honest friend and neighbour. Which she followed with,

'How come's they've chopped half your hair away on one side at the front?! It's all lopsided!'

Well after her first comment, I took my scrunchie out and pulled the cut down around my face for her to see the cut and show her how I was told to style (wear) it over my face.

It took her about 5 minutes to control her laughter.

Mind you, as she is only just recovering from her own self inflicted, home root regrowth kit disaster (apparently, the top of her head went the colour of lemon curd last week, resulting in two trips to two different hair dressers to recover the situation at great cost), I can see why someone elses's hair hiccup may have made her day!

See? Here in London, hair disasters are just rife. A fact of life.

'No big deal at all', she says reaching for her hat (again).

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grannypurple said...

I suppose that one advantage of going gray is that when you cover it yourself (with, say, purple), it really is preferable to what was there before! Fortunately, my hair cutter has been with me so long, I have no fears in that department...
Good luck, and remember, as with many less wonderful things in life, you'll get used to it!