Monday, 4 February 2008

Storm Water Scarf - Two Weeks Later...

...and I have slowly progressed my way through 23 inches of this piece. It looks like I have barely made a dent in the skein. So I am probably only a 1/3rd of the way through?

I have not used Handmaiden Seasilk before and it is beautifully soft and light. Not to forget that the colour is glorious. People on the train keep commenting on how lovely it is.

I must say that I am finding it quite splitty to work with. (I guess that I need sharper lace needles?) Once split, it doesn't seem to go back into shape. I am hoping that this will resolve itself when I block it.

Can anyone let me know what their experience of this yarn is in terms of splitting / getting it back into shape?

The Storm Water (otherwise known as Midwest Moonlight) scarf pattern is very repetitive to work so I was not surprised to read elsewhere that others have struggled to keep up enough energy to complete their projects.

Actually, I am caught between wondering whether I am knitting something that will get lots of wear, as a discreet, regular lace pattern, or whether the overall effect leans perilously close to a rather staid granny look.

Hmm. I am focusing firmly on this being a little wispy something to dress up a work suit during the Spring.

Sharp, not staid, Sharp, not staid!

Now, you might not see much of this scarf (or hear a lot from me) during the course of February as I have my head down on a different project.

I promised to work on my Castle Couture Wrap in February - so I am.

I will keep you updated when I can and also, this project may still accompany me on some train rides when I am at points where I can only work on the wrap at home.

P.S. Hair Update: the hairdresser accepted that the colour at the front of my head was a lot more golden (ginger) than she'd expected.

So she has put toner on it. Actually she put on two. The ginger laughed off the first batch, so she used a second, darker toner over the top. She has told me to pop back into the salon in a few days to see how it's doing and she's offered me a free wash and blow dry.

It's hasn't done much good actually. It sort of looks like ginger that someone has painted, a thin layer of watery dark brown watercolour paint over - I now look like I took a cheap packet of supermarket brown dye to my head and its taken oddly: patchy black, red and sludge. How long with the toner last before the ginger blasts back through at full strength, I wonder? Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing.

I haven't found the SeaSilk splitty, but I was using Addi Lace needles.

Team Knit ! said...

ugh, I hear you. I got about 30% done my skein making this and I frigged it back!

dee said...

I made the MM scarf in RYC Cashsoft and I am constantly wearing it, I love the colour of yours

grannypurple said...

I did a medium-sized triangle shawl (Luna moth pattern) in the seasilk--I think I used my addi lace needles, and had no splitting problems. And it blocked out beautifully. I gave it away, and when I saw it again recently, it looked pretty good!

missmalice said...

G you never fail to make me giggle! You've got a 'Made my day' award from me!

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Oooh - you're a commuter knitter? I set up a wee "commuter knitting" group on Flickr for pictures of just that, we're only a few members and a few pictures yet, but it'll come - come on in! :)
Lace is a funny thing, and there is a fine line between grannyfied lace and young and hip lace and yours is definitely not grannyfied! ;)
As for the hair - it'll grow and all of a sudden you'll be back to normal. Well done on going back to complain though!

Heather said...

Just popped into to say hello and see what you're up to.
Lovin' the orange do and the mini cake story ;oP