Wednesday, 20 February 2008

On the Subject of Simple Scarves

Itchy Scratchy Noro Strikes Again
It would not be right to move on, without showing you a final image of the itchy, scratchy Noro scarf in action and as worn by its gift recipient.

Voila! In the space of one short week that scarf was gifted, admired, worn, lost, found and gentlemanly lent to me for half an hour during a walk by the ocean.

I am relieved delighted that the fella likes it and does not find it remotely itchy. I was also (I did not tell him this at the time) quietly delighted at how well it suited him.

I have to ask, do you ever find that when you gift a handknit to someone, it takes on a whole new life of its own? Somehow, ends up looking far better on your gift recipient, than it ever did on you when you modelled it for your project record?

I cite the Landscape Scarf that I made for a colleague as my other example of this in action. There is definitely something about giving something to someone and then watching them make it entirely their own by wearing it their own way.

Mind you, this Noro scarf remembers and dislikes its maker well - it seems that it harbours me a slight grudge. Possibly for dunking it in Eucalan to soften its harsh, vegetation ridden existence?

After our short walk by the ocean, I took the Noro scarf off and the fella asked, 'What's that rash around your neck?'

'What rash?'

'That purple rash, there, around your neck.' I touched my neck, I felt itchy lumps. I sighed.

'Either the Noro or the Eucalan does not like me.'

It is now about 72 hours, one plane ride and 4 showers (or so) after that ocean walk and I still sport a lumpy rash on my neck, together with what looks like a couple of blood blisters. Allergic reaction? What's that all about?!

Truly Scrumptious Man Scarf
Unfortunately, the victim gift recipient of the Truly Scrumptious Moss Man Scarf, got away without being photographed. I need my fella to step in and capture a shot of this item in action. (That is, if the subject consents to an image capture process....if so - hint, hint B - can you photograph L in his scarf, somewhere outside for me?!)

Mindless Pink Scarf (Scrumptious)
Opps, I did it again! In my defence, I worked this solely for the reason given in its name. I took two balls of bright bubble gum pink Scrumptious DK with me on the flight to Vancouver and knitted this for me to wear out and about while I was there. Worked Knit-o-matic style, while strapped into an airline seat knitting at about 31,000 feet?

Oh and yes - my 12" 8mm bamboo straights, my 14" 4mm brittney straights and some Denise circular needles all made it on board my flight with me. Thank goodness.

The colour doesn't really suit me but this scarf does complete my little family of Vancouver scarves. It is the same as the previous scarf recipe I used except this one has a moss (seed) stitch border.

It's that bright actually, that I think Army of Knitters may even approve. Sadly, the colour clashes with the hat that Mel and Robynn gave me...

...not that this has stopped me wearing them both together. Must stop that on the basis that one handknit item worn in a city context = chic. Two or more items that do not coordinate = fashion disaster of epic handknit proportions. Discuss.

Hair Update
Tonight was supposed to be my emergency hair appointment to kill the ginger-red-black error streak combo I was given before I went on holiday. However, the hairdresser was off sick. The salon owner was very interested to learn that I was there for a colour correction. I feel bad but I do want my hair colour sorted out. So next appointment, next Thursday with a different colourist. Apparently I will be subjected to colour stripping and a re-dye of the blondes and browns that I originally requested.

Apparently, it could take some time.

It sounds toxic so watch this space - a bald ORK may grace your screens shortly?


Anonymous said...

Oh no! You're much too lovely to be bald! I'll send you a wig. ;)

Actually, I think the color is rather cheerful on you and I hate pink, so that's saying a lot.

Your photographer also captured you nicely. :)

Brian said...

I have to admit that I have not been more than 3 feet away from my scarf since the unfortunate temporary 'loss' of it after too many shots of tequila when friends took us out for 'Mexican' night. I would like to comment that the Noro has softened a lot through virtually constant wear. The scarf has loosened up a bit and has developed an interesting shape. I simply love it, and it is very unlikely that you will catch a glimpse of me out of it until summer.