Thursday, 28 February 2008

I simply cannot believe that... 100th blog post is about the stupid hair saga. Yet here it is.

Last night (it's Friday morning now) I was momentarily rescued from the ignominy of ginger (turned sludge by toner), black and red shades of hair. I was returned to my pre-dyed, original hair colour state by a 'colour remover'.

This is magic stuff - it does not bleach the hair, it simply removes the colour, leaving you with a slightly more porus version of your original colour. I glanced up , I saw my normal hair colour, noting that my eyebrows matched my hair colour for the first time in weeks and I heaved a massive sigh of relief.

Perfect. All that needs, I thought to myself is a few blonde streaks to distract everyone from my stray grey hairs give it definition and I am good to go.

It was not quite to be. There ensued, at great length, a debate with the colourist about colour. He kept showing me warm browns, I kept showing him natural mid-light nut browns and blondes. He took me back towards the warm browns and gingers again. We to and fro'd across the colour charts like adversaries asked to share a picnic basket. It felt like we were never going to agree.

I flicked through magazines and tried to find what I meant. I explained that I liked having some blonde in my hair and that generally, lighter hair shades made me feel happier and more confident than dark colours which generally make me look like I have a cowpat on my head pale and a bit witchy.

Well, this month folks, my hair colour (with my preferred style of blondey bits) appears to be out of fashion - not in sight on any page. Someone has filed those blonde streaks, as sported by Jennifer Aniston so long ago, under B1N. (Hair colour, not cut - please note! Picture borrowed from Hairstyles123 blog, I hope that they do not mind).

Botheration. All I needed last night was a photo of someone sporting blonde bits to lighten and brighten mid-brown hair, maybe with a mid-way colour thrown in to soften the contrast between the darker hair colour and the blondes?

How hard can it be? Hard, it seems. We argued the toss over what looked red to me (everything with even a hint of warmth, it seems). He sighed and explained that really, the magic remover could only do so much.

So while I had visions of brown hair with blonde highlights for Spring, he wanted (or needed?) to keep me in a Winter compromise - rich warm browns and gingers.

"So you want to dye my hair dark auburn red again?" I did my best to assume an aghast expression.

"No...." he trailed off, sounding uncertain.

So who won? Well, he's the colourist right?

He wields the foils, right?

On the bright side, it is not red, black and ginger - my colleagues think that it is a vast improvement.

It seems to be dark brown, with bleached bits underneath, plus some browny red that is a lot less red than the first round.

However, it is far too dark and it does makes me look a bit pale and witchy. I hope it will fade (and not into red).

My hair and I have had more than enough. We are going to retire hurt and lick our wounds. We are going to look for a new hairdresser, so that in 6-8 months time, when the disaster cut has grown out and I can see what is left of my hair after its recent chemical dosing, I can try again.

Hurrumph, pass me my knitting - I am off to sulk.

(I would show you what I am working on doing but y'know, it's not very interesting at the moment.)


Robynn said...

Hayley. Jigami. I've said this before, right? I won't stop saying it. She will do *what you ask for*. Go Hayley!

Anyway, it's definitely a big improvement, though I know what you mean about wanting to go lighter. Hooray for magic removers.

Roobeedoo said...

I can't understand a hairdresser refusing to do what the customer wants! HERRUMPH! I bet Jennifer Aniston doesn't have this trouble!

JudyMac said...

Ummm, I may be simple minded, but a hairdresser that argues over what a customer wants is not something I would put up with. Sack the hairdresser and find a new one...