Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Autumn in Spring - Louet Northern Lights Wool Top

The fact that I am still spinning and plying the fibre that I started working on last November should give you some idea how far behind I am on absolutely everything right now.  

However, I am doing my best to catch up (the people to whom I owe return messages, emails and phone calls may not think so but I am trying, I promise) and I present this little bit of crafting progress as evidence:

Autumn in Spring DSC_0166 

Fibre:  Louet Northern Lights Wool Top
Colourway:  Toffee
Fondly Known As: Autumn in Spring
Skein 1:  2 ply, 3.0 oz, approx 117 m
WPI:  Not calculated yet but I think that it looks around a DK weight?  
Left to Spin:  1.65 oz
Left to Ply:  approx 1.6 and 1.9 oz of spun singles
Plan of Attack:  Ply singles (3 oz of plied yarn looks to fill a single bobbin).  
Split remaining fibre as evenly as possible over whatever remains on two bobbins.
Spin and ply last bit into a mini skein.   

Also, on the craft front, I have squeezed in a little bit of sewing - just in an attempt to learn how to do it and make a dent in my fabric stash.  In fact, I have signed up for a quilt class that starts this week and runs one evening a week, for the next 4 weeks.  Y'know, just because I didn't think that I had quite enough to do?  

Ngg, I know, it could be Autumn again by the time that I finish work on this fibre.  No, no - you are absolutely right, I still haven't managed to write or send invitations for our wedding celebration event in July.  Nor have I spoken to the venue since we booked in it January. Nor have I managed to write all of the thank you cards needed for the 1st March.  Nor have I managed to edit the video that we took of our wedding to send to my family.  Nor have I posted that cardigan to France yet.  Nor have I managed to return a number of messages, emails and phone calls.  Nor have I booked or been for a medical that I am supposed to have as a part of my residency application for Canada.

I would start to hyperventilate but it wouldn't be productive - so please excuse me while I nip off quietly to chalk a few key things off my 'To Do' list!


Lara said...

And then there are these pesky friends distracting you with day trips and buffet lunch ;)

Anonymous said...

You know, I have some quilting projects to finish as well. So if you end up with homework, perhaps we should start a quilting-bee? :)