Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wedding: Act Two - The Celebration Dinner

This will be a very short post as I am up with a bout of insomnia and so I am not feeling desperately articulate*.
I married the Fella a month ago and I am still trying to catch up on everything that has happened since we tied the knot.  Slowly, slowly, I am getting there but it is taking time to iron things out - but really, can anyone tell me: just where has the past month gone?! 

Okay, on the 14th March, we celebrated our wedding with the Fella's family, my father, my stepmother and our friends from the Vancouver area.  I think that this will sum the evening up fairly succinctly:

Wedding Celebration Dinner Mosaic 3

Now, do you see the person who keeps cropping up in the above photos with the lovely smile?

Well folks, that's my friend from knit night, Ms Ting.  Without whom, I can honestly say, I would have been wearing a pair of jeans and an old, black hoodie-fleece on my wedding day!

Now also, do you see the lovely flower table arrangements in the pictures above?  There were four of them.  They were absolutely stunning and they were the perfect height for our table as everyone could see them as well as chat freely over them.  These flowers were done for us by Alyria, another of my knit night friends and the de-stash recipient of a certain sea canoe (kayak)!

Now, if you put the above together with bitchnstitches' broach loan plus ChrissytheGreat's invaluable help and moral support when I needed to shorten my wedding shrug sleeves, I think that there is really only one conclusion that it is possible to reach:  knitters are good people.  

Just take my case, for example:  I have ended up 4500 miles from home.  I am a very long way from all my family and UK friends.  I have found myself getting married in a country/city that I do not know.  My new knitting friends stepped in and they really helped me to sort things out.

Thank you all ever so much,  I would have been extremely lost over the past two-three months without your help!

End of Wedding Act Two:  The Celebration Dinner


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful and so happy! I'm glad everything worked out. Erica did a fantastic job with the flowers as well!

Team Knit ! said...

ooh, the dinner looks amazing!! And how awesome is it to have ha that kind of support from your knitting friends?! Looks like an amazing time, and you look So happy!

- Julie