Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Photography: an evolving theme

Just to add a little more pressure to the period of time when I was coming to the end of my Masters Certificate studies and organising my wedding, I took a ten week Introduction to Digital Photography course.  

In fact, things got so busy here that I did not blog very much about it but I have used a fair number of the photographs I took in blog posts recently:

Term 1 Mosaic 

Um, if work is extremely slow today and you would like to view my Weekly Top 10s as a full set: please click here!

Actually, I enjoyed my course so much (both content and the people that I met) that I have signed up for two further courses this term: Intermediate Photography and Introduction to Photoshop - one course to develop my picture taking skills and the other to help me deal with any glitches in output!

This term looks more structured in terms of its learning objectives and I think that it is going to be a really good challenge. (Please feel free to remind me that I said this when I am still up at 3am trying to sort out images, the night before class at some point later this term!)  Also, I think that it will be a lot of fun - for example, this is last Monday's class in session:

Week One - In Class

See what I mean?!  Four of the 8 (or was it 9) people on my course, all took the same class last term.  We get on really well too which really took the sting out of 'firstdayawkwarditus' on Monday!  

Also, instead of a random 'Weekly 10' homework project - this term's homework is a single project of my own choosing.  I do have an idea but I am not confident that I have the skills yet to really do it justice - eeep!


Anonymous said...

Spill the idea! And you really sell yourself short on the "skill" thing... your photos are beautiful.

Jualre said...

Wow, your phototgraphs are fantastic. I particularly love the yellow flower macro.
Can't wait to see the next set.