Saturday, 4 April 2009

It's my anniversary and I'll donate if I want to...!

Now, I thought about marking my 2nd blog anniversary by running a competition.  

I thought long and hard about what it should be, so long in fact, that I missed my blog anniversary altogether - typical!  So I have decided to do something else to mark the occasion.  Instead of paying my thanks back, I have decided to pay it forwards instead.  

With this in mind, I have given some money to charity, both here in Canada and in the UK.  In addition, I am donating two brand new books to Wenat, one of the Yarnfloozies,to be used as raffle prizes - just in the hope that this will encourage more people to enter and support her fund raising efforts!  Here are the books:

"It Itches" by Franklin Habit

"My China - A Feast for All the Senses" by Kylie Kwong

Wenat, is running this raffle to help her husband, Tony, raise money for cancer.  Tony is going to do Ride2Survive, which is a 400km cycle ride (in a single day) between Kelowna and Vancouver.  Amongst other things, her prizes include a skein of Wollmeise and a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk.  

(At this point, I should confess that I am not just helping out a blogger that I read, I am still a complete slave to yarn.  The charity that I have donated to in Canada, um, also enters me into this raffle!)  

The details of the raffle, why it is being run and how to enter are all explained on her blog - so please go see!  In short though, you get an entry for every CDN$5.00 that you donate.  Plus, if you donate $40.00+, you get a chance to win a pair of socks, hand knit especially for you by Dotty, the other Yarn Floozy - not bad, eh?  

So, Happy Anniversary and thank you for sticking with my blog for the past two years - it's been a lot of fun and I look forwards to seeing what the next two years bring us all!


wenat said...

Love, love, love, heading your way!

Thank you so much for the donation, and I hope someday to knit with you in person!

Dotty said...

Happy Blogiversary! And thanks for the donations. Hope to see you soon.

Kelli said...

Happy Blogiversary! Was relating tales of your plastic dress the other day.