Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thank You!

A little while ago I was very surprised that to learn that I had won this competition being run by Justine, of Miss Flip Knits podcast fame and guess what?  My prize arrived in the post this morning!  


Just look!  I feel like it's my birthday or something: three books (perfect timing), a Fratello kit and a fabulous Namaste buddy case containing a set of absolutely gorgeous stitch holders.


Now, okay, I should mention that Justine (Marama = Ravelry Link) contacted me with a chuckle when I won because it is well known that I am not the biggest fan of sock knitting.  Also, I have glanced at the knitting instructions and I paled in fear at the following words, 'toe-up', best knitted on 'circulars' and uses some kind of 'crochet cast on'.  

Gulp - I think that I have been delivered a extremely hefty learning curve.  However, the yarn is gorgeous and I think that it might be the perfect colour and pattern for the Fella?  

Um.  So.  If I approach anyone soon, hands overflowing awkwardly with pamphlet, circulars, a crochet hook and ball of handsome looking yarn.  Just trust me, unless you are very patient and enjoy working with adults who get very grouchy when they are all fingers and toes with new techniques, I suggest that you RUN! 


Dotty said...

What a great prize! If you're a loose knitter, you'll need tiny needles for Wollmeise. BTW, I know all about toe-up and crochet cast ons so if you need help, give me a shout!

Justine said...

Oh fantastic - so glad you liked it, though it took a looooong time to get there!

You don't need to do a crochet cast on, Judy's Magic Cast On, which you can find on YouTube is much better and simpler...

Kelli said...

I love the socks. Though I'm a DPN girl myself. :)

Yogicknitter said...

What a fab prize. Very happy to help if you want to do them when you are back over here visiting (that sounds so weird) in the summer. Only a couple of months now! Yes I am counting.

Mel x

Chrissy said...

Why am I now expecting a call from you for coffee this week? LOL!

Jualre said...

I hate you! Because of you I have now started knitting again!!! As if I don't have enough to do - I have 6 books I am trying to read (all at once), hideously busy at work, 2 beasties to look after, competing in the Fastnet, making jewellery, and now knitting!
And you know what I am knitting - the shrug you moaned so much about - oh what have I let myself in for?! If I ever finish it I will send a photo. Yours looks so gorgeous I just had to do it. xx