Friday, 22 May 2009

Sewing Accessories Case

Now my sewing club meets on the 2nd Friday of every month and I have been sitting on this update because I prohibited myself from posting until our wedding blessing invitations were out. Mind you, this delay has been very useful. It has given me time to use my project and consider how I feel about it.

Now if I were to look over my piece of work with a critical eye, I would say that it really shows that this is the first ever time that I have attempted a bit of free motion quilting. However, in the overall scheme of things, I do not think that this matters because, I have come to realise that each time I see this project?

It makes me feel so happy!

Not only do I like what we made, I love the fabric that we made it in and I am finding it extremely useful. Before this month's project, I toted my sewing accessories around in these two, rather charming freezer bags:


As a result, I have often felt anxious about my sharp objects (scissors, snips, needles and rotary cutter), slicing their way out and damaging someone or something.

Now I feel a lot less worried because I can carry my sharp tools around - nice, safe and securely - in this stylish little number:


I am not quite sure what I love most about it:

  • The flowery fabric

  • The scissors fabric

  • The fact that I made it

  • The fact that it turned out alright

  • The fact that it resembles the kind of pencil case that I used to have at school

  • The fact that I have a new stylish sewing accessories case

  • The fact that I can now leave the house trailing less plastic behind me!


Now I was lucky enough to receive another set of the materials for this project. So, unless you want to persuade me otherwise, I can quietly nurse a vision of having - not one but - two stylish accessory cases and reassign both of my freezer bags to other clutter containment duties!


However, I have not decided whether to make my next case:

  • an exact replica of the first case, which might lead to confusion when reaching for tools; or

  • switch the fabrics over so that I have the gorgeous scissors fabric on the outside and have a secret flower garden on the inside; and/or

  • fold the fabric the opposite way in order to make a deeper but narrower case for different sized accessories.

What do you suggest?

In the meantime, I am going to sit here and daydream about future sewing club projects.


If they continue in the same vein as the past three projects then I think that I might have every chance of achieving a more organised sewing space by the end of this year - oooh, what can I tell you?

There is just nothing like a little bit of stylish organisation to make this person a very happy woman indeed - hurray, hurray, hurray!


yarnpiggy said...

Very nice indeed!

My suggestion for sewing accessories case #2 (SAC 2? -- sounds vaguely naughty!): option #2 or #3.

Or, you could make a knitting accessories case...a KAC! (Which sounds even naughtier.)

Dotty said...

Your sewing case looks awesome! I think you should make the same one but reverse the fabrics.

yogicknitter said...

It looks really fab. OK so when you are back can you help me with my sewing. My machine is currently being serviced and should be back back in use (in theory) by the time you get home.

Anonymous said...

Definitely #2 (reverse fabrics)! And #3 might be a very smart idea as well... though they won't look so cute and uniform sitting side-by-side. But, function over form is usually wise...

Roobeedoo said...

Definitely reverse it - I love that scissors fabric! Well done - people pay good money for box bags like that (me included!)

Luinelen said...

I vote for #3, for the practicality. With the flowers on the outside, because I just like them more than the scissors.

sparklycat said...

Ooooh! and Ahhhhh!
The pink scissor fabric rocks. I vote for putting that on the outside of the next one!