Sunday, 3 May 2009


...a weed is simply a flower in the wrong place:

DSC_0157 02

Here, I think that they are the perfect flower in the perfect place - I love how that yellow sizzles against that blue!

Having snapped these dandelions zinging happily against that wall, I am not immune to the irony of coming home afterwards and using
one of these devices to pluck them mechanically out of the lawn, one by one. So now, instead of being a happy sea of yellow and green, our lawn is now a sea of green and little brown potholes - it serves me right!

I have not written about gardening at all so far this year - I feel very conscious that this is my first season in an unknown garden, in a different country.

It feels a bit like being right back to where I was over 10 years ago when I first bought my house in London. I spent the first growing season, watching to see what might emerge from the mud and rubble left by my builders. I thought that I should build on and complement what was already there - as it turned out, nothing emerged at all and I was able to plant up my garden completely from scratch.

I feel that I need to take the same approach here this year: wait to see what is already planted and do my research on what might flourish in any gaps. (I am now well equipped with B.C. specific plant books as a result of a lovely gift from Dotty plus some advice on what other books to purchase!)


In the meantime, I will enjoy the nice surprises from the garden and do my best to battle back 12 years or so of gardening neglect i.e. tackle the weeds, prune the shrubs, nurse the lawns back to life (limed last weekend, now need fertiliser) and plant a few annuals to tide me over until next year.


On the other hand, of course - I could just relax and upset the neighbours (who have spotless, astro-turf looking lawns) by letting the dandelions return and take over...?!

Ps, I have not spotted any sheep in or around Vancouver so I have not seen any Spring lambs this year. So instead, here I present some hard Canadian evidence that Spring has finally reached Vancouver!



Dotty said...

Holes are good for your lawn! It's called aerating. Out here, you can pay guys big bucks to do it for you or as you've discovered, you can DIY.

yarnpiggy said...