Monday, 20 August 2007

Astonished! Now Relieved...

It appears that you can now view the Anthony Gormley photos from the links in my last post.

Last night, I appealed to have my Flickr account status reset to Public/Safe, just on the basis that the images it contains of male metal nudes are simply a part of an exhibit of art in a public space (central London). It has been reset, I have been thanked for moderating my photographs (um...I didn't change anything) and I have been reminded to keep in line with community guidelines in future!

Okay, so if you are interested, I suggest that you go have a look quickly - just in case they decide to review my account and deem it Unsafe again!

To warn you in advance, my slidesets do show some images of Anthony Gormley's statutes. His work is predominately based on his own body: fully detailed metal and lead casts of his body, in fact.

So if you are of a sensitive constitution, I don't suggest that you access this link while tucking into your morning cereal. If you think that you might be offended by lifesize, unclothed iron casts of an artist, I recommend that you pass on the links entirely and think yourself very lucky not to have visited central London this summer!

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Robynn said...

How utterly bizarre... but you know? Maybe that explains why I haven't found as many Gormley pics online as I would have expected. Huh.