Saturday, 18 August 2007

The (Slow) Commuter Knitter

I knit on the train each day to and from work. If I look back over my blog posts, I am bound to have said this before. However, what I have noticed lately is that this is the only time that I seem able to knit productively, except when I am out knitting with friends.

As soon as I do anything else or am somewhere other than on a train, it just doesn't seem to occur to me to pick up my needles.

I am hoping that this explains (to me) why I failed to knit a single stitch on holiday. No knitting on holiday yet, as soon as I was on the train back to work, out came my needles and off I set, as though I had been working on my project the day before (and not 2.5 weeks before).


This week, I have been working on the Knitting Lingerie Style Shaped Lace Tee and progress has been a bit slower than I hoped! Rather than cross post, I have posted about it here.

Otherwise it's been a quiet week for knitting, Dee has sent me through a photo of my yarn for the full Puss in Boots wrap (oh, it looks lovely) and I am hoping that the actual yarn will be with me on Monday. So this weekend, in preparation, I need to finalise the pattern templates.

(And sew up the Baby Ballerina Wrap...I am I am, I promise! Photographic evidence shortly.)

However, I did go to the Anthony Gormley exhibition at last. Just before it closed with all of the other last minute merchants from all across London (there were plenty of us too)! In fact, we were all so late getting to the exhibition that we knew that we couldn't really grumble about the fact that they had sold out of all the decent postcards. As a result, we all queued patiently to buy the overpriced exhibition catalogue (I winced, thinking of all the knitting books I want right now) and bought various man shaped knick knacks!

To share this very rare moment of extreme, high brow artiness (cough), I have uploaded two sets of pictures to Flickr:

I hope that you enjoy them!

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Roobeedoo said...

So... September trip? The only local yarn store I know is the one I blogged about. But if you fancy meeting thereabouts for coffee, let me know! Good luck with it all!!!