Friday, 24 August 2007

Shaped Lace Tee Progress

I have cast off the back! Last week I was bemoaning my miserly 8.5" progress and this week I've steamed ahead and chalked up another 12" or so. Okay some of that was across the armholes, but hey - it is all progress, right?! I have dropped another post about this week's knitting progress on the Knitting Lingerie Style Knitalong so I will try not to repeat too much of it here.

What is lovely is that I feel like I am making steady progress. When I cast off a part of a garment, lay it out and see its shape - I think that it all feels that little bit more tangible. It's given me a real boost. I am enjoying this as a project, a knit. It's interesting enough to keep me engaged but regular enough that I am not fussing over the instructions every row.

I have to say that am still a bit worried about the weight of the yarn - it is still looking and feeling a bit Armadillo in weight. I stretched it over myself (as you do) and overall, I think that the top is going to be quite short, shorter than I imagined it would be. And on me - a bit tight!

I did have a moment of panic when I looked at the diagram which indicated that its overall length should be 21.5" when mine is only 20.5". What, an inch short? I've just added up the numbers on the other side: 13" to the armhole, 7.5" armhole to top of shoulder: 20.5". Which is a relief. I thought that I was going mad, even if I do think that it could do with being a bit longer..!

In other news, my yarn has arrived from Dee for my Puss in Boots wrap. So this weekend, I need to get my skein and ball winder out, get cast on and start knitting!

P.s. if you do not fancy seeing Harry Potter at the IMAX, no reason why we couldn't pootle over to the South Bank to drink wine and knit (without any film viewing pressure)! I just want to see the last 20 mins of the film in 3D IMAX. I'm such a gimic kid.

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