Thursday, 12 June 2008


...I know. Be quiet. Why on earth am I reading when I-should-be-attending-to-the-old-WIP?

Truth be told, I did not enjoy The Tenderness of Wolves at all - it is just testament to how much I have old WIP aversion that I plugged my way through it.

I think that I am / have been trying to put myself in the position where the drive to start a new project new plus the awfulness of the books I happen to have picked up in a 3 for 2 deal will push aside my old WIP aversion - you know, creating a situation where the pain of staying put is worse than the pain of moving forwards and dealing with the old WIP?

Well, I broke on the train on the way in today.

Suddenly pulling out a needle, spare yarn and the old project was a more enjoyable prospect than reading Bill Bryson's caricatures of Contential Europe.

Mind you, note that it has taken since Monday morning for me to crack.

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Robynn said...

Funniest motivational strategy ever.