Monday, 9 June 2008

My Very Precious Weekend...

...started with a Friday evening date with the Fella at Skylon on the South Bank (as recommended by Robynn for cocktails). The Fella opted wisely for a Kir Royale while I had something called an Adriatic River. Hmm, surely this counts as one of my 5 a day?!

I am pleased to report that I was turned out neatly and that my outfit had the desired effect - the Fella's mouth did actually drop open a little when I exited Reception to greet him on the steps outside my office. Hurray!

I did not take any images of the Thames river view that we had in front of us. However, here is an image of an exhibition that is on at the Haywood Gallery that I would love to go see. Are there any takers for a brief immersion in art, followed by a knit and sip of wine somewhere one week day evening in June?!

Saturday was absorbed wholly by a team match. It was a glorious, sunny day, the Fella had to struggle manfully with borrowed kit, our team won and the event was followed by a quintessentially British afternoon tea of delicate sandwiches (including cucumber), scones with clotted cream and jam, plus a choice of other cakes in a late 1800s wooden clubhouse - just perfect.

Sunday witnessed scenes of diligent domesticity, including caravan washing in blazing sunshine. We were working on getting ourselves organised for a big competition in July - it may sound odd but it was lovely to work on getting everything ready together, rather than having to do it all on my own. So tired, sunburned and feeling very pleased with ourselves we trailed quietly home on Sunday evening to shower, apply suncream and chill.

We arrived home rather later than we expected, so although I am clean and doused with after-Ssun in these pictures, you will need to forgive me if the light is not the very best. Not to mention the fact that I found it dificult to remain serious and artistically composed with the fella on hand! Here is a photo to show its scarf-to-human scale:

This is me trying to stand still, so that the fella can capture a picture of the ends of the scarf:

This is the close up of the main stitch, the amethyst beads and the 'frilly bit' on the edge, as my mother put it in the comments to my last post!

I have no idea whether anyone would be interested in making this scarf for themselves. I will write up the pattern (such as it is) and give it to my mother to offer as a project idea, alongside her hand dyed yarns. I don't know how to set up pdf downloads on Blogger (is it even possible?). If anyone knows how to do it, happy to post it here too.


yogicknitter said...

Ah now there is a picture that does the scarf justice. I just love those colours.
As for the evening of Art in June - I am sure I can escape one evening and come and join you. If you get the answer to adding PDFs to blogger I would love to know as I have my cable sock pattern to add at some point. Glad you had a great weekend.

Robynn said...

So gorgeous. I don't think you can set up pdf downloads on Blogger - you'd need the pdf to be stored somewhere else - but why don't you put it on Ravelry?

yarnartisanne said...

Aha, I am the first to compliment you on your scarf pictures - would really like the pattern - no chance by Friday!!! as I am off to my yarn dyeing workshop in France on Saturday. Lots of Love to the fella and yes, you do look very "sunkissed!"

Brian said...

I think we have just experienced one of the best weekends one could ever hope to have in lifetime. It did not dawn on me until this morning. I think something special has just happened G. Do you think it was a real life example of foreshadowing? It could be a glimpse into our future. You have a shiny caravan, a blogged scarf with well executed beaded ends, a tan, and we won the match. Not bad considering our full week. Not to mention what we did in our free time... I remember when I saw you come out of your office on Friday night. My heart skipped 2 beats. Nice outfit G! Your hair! Ohhhh! A bit risky at my age, but Canadian men are tough. You are the ultimate dream date, that any man would simply die for. Do I have permission to ask you out again?

gabrielle said...

Good grief B, after a comment like could I possibly refuse the offer of another date?!

So honey, what plans do you have at the end of the month? I'll even wear my hair down again for you:

Roobeedoo said...

Good lord! Your bloke is getting very frisky, G! !D
Love the loopy scarf!
Also - saw your comment over at Dee's blog. Was your driving instructor called Judy? Or is there more than one of them? My Judy used to squeal "No lovey, no!" before slapping my wrist. Drove me round the bend. Backwards.