Wednesday, 25 June 2008



The UFO busting continues. I don't want to say much, just in case I jinx progress. It's not red, it's purple but y'know, clearing the decks, getting there.

No I have not knitted a pocket onto the front of the baby jumper. I think that everyone who has commented is right yet I cannot bring myself to knit another stitch on it. I have lost my poppers and I cannot find my mini-aeroplane buttons. So its finishing has to wait until this weekend when I want it done (and gone)!

In other news, I had an email from one of my sisters the other day who asked me for my blog address..., I felt a bit nervous about it because my sister knits and she teaches fashion-textiles.
GULP, no pressure here to be stylish then! As it happens, my sister is one of the most effortlessly fashionable people that I know. I am not sure that I know anyone else who could succesfully twin a shop bought gillet and handknit scarf (I think) to such good effect?!

She just sorta does?

Note: I have only chopped off my sister's head because I didn't have her permission to blog this photo. She is, in fact, is extremely lovely and goodlooking. She is also a lot of fun!

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Arianwen said...

Hey Sister!!

Thanx for the lovely comments - mum told me to check out my headless portrait!!

I love the baby knit - where do you find the time??

I also have a now reaching (gulp) X3 UFO & hav'nt been to knitting club 4 over a month!! - am totally totally rubbish - will have to set some time aside in my summer hols!!

Hope your well - I hear Canada rumours on the grapevine?? XX