Thursday, 5 June 2008

Semi-Precious Scarf

Here is the scarf that I created with my Artisan Yarns, plant dyed silk:

I was curious about the yarn and I wanted to see what I could do with it. It took a bit of swatching to see what would work before the penny dropped and I fixed on an idea that I thought I could live with.

It is odd, it doesn't look as interesting in these photos as it does in person. I ended up working the yarn together with something else, plus some beads but my camera battery died before I managed to get any decent photos of my beading. So I can post some more photos later if anyone is interested.

So far, feedback from both knitters and non knitters has been positive. So I am thinking that this might be a good way to knit up those skeins of strange yarn that you fall for at knitting shows but have absolutely no idea what to do with later?

Hmm, who knows?!


Robynn said...

You need to show the close up of the stitchery - it's so beautiful and unusual! These pictures are very pretty but no, they don't show the true glory of it.

Roobeedoo said...

ooh - purple! I know that stitch! I had a turquoise acrylic "tabard" in that stitch in the 1970's - mmm, yum, yum, thanks mum!

Kelli said...

Um, more pictures please, can't quite get a sense of the stitches.

yarnartisanne said...

Me too, I would like more pictures and what's the frilly bit on the edges. Also can I have pattern for this and the other very easy scarf.. Also when do you have any time to put me up for the weekend so I can see all these projects in real time. Going to France next weekend for a week's plant dyeing!!