Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I am not knitting this week...

...I am reading books on my commute. I made this deal with myself.

Something new (the silk scarf), something old (unfinished WIP). Silly really as it is 15 mins before I need to leave for the last acceptable train that I can catch into work and I am feeling the pinch. Nothing to knit and 'not allowed' to start anything new.

The books that I am reading are not that great either - The Tenderness of Wolves - by this, I really just mean that it is not good enough to replace my knitting between home and Waterloo.

I finished it last night, so Bill Bryson is coming into work with me today. If you notice someone grinding their teeth throughout their commute today - it may be me.

Opps, 9 minutes - better go!

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