Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dear Neglected Baby Jumper... a UFO, you are finished - done - sorted!

I can barely articulate the very heartfelt relief I feel at your completion.

This said, I am very sorry but I am afraid that I shall wave you off without a tear because you became a very guilty millstone around my neck - one that winked at me, reminding me of my slow knitting speed, short attention span and my failure to meet a deadline, each and every time I opened a cupboard or a drawer (depending on the year). Hurray, no more!

It's astonishing but do you realise that I was knitting you the very first time that I met Mel at the gym and she invited me to join a new knitting group that she was setting up - Amida Knitters?

Now...I know that you were intended for an older brother* but this does not in any way negate the sentiment with which I gift you to the youngest child of a friend.

Actually, I thank the very big hole in the ozone layer that I was given another opportunity - another pregnancy, another boy, another chance. (It would have felt wrong to gift this jumper to any other family.)

So please - do your best and serve your wearer well. It's summer, you are cotton - easy to wear and easy to wash. Please do not come undone at the seams and please do not cast off your buttons.

Most of all, please enjoy the next phase of your existence - after all, whatever gets smeared into you or whatever you roll in, it all has to be a much better than you living a life unfulfilled, half finished in a project bag, tucked away and taking up the time of two stitch holders?

So this is your time - revel in it and make me proud!

Lots of love,

Your Rather Slow Maker

* * *

1) Finished Object Stats:
Pattern: Striped Top - Quick Baby Knits - Debbie Bliss

Yarn: Rowan Glace Cotton - DK
Project Duration: March 2005 - June 2008
Worked: at the gym, during work commutes and at knit nights!

2) Just over a year ago, the older brother received a different handknit jumper for his second birthday. I learned my lesson - it was Dumpling from Rowan Babies, worked in Rowan Big Wool - he loved it and wore it half to pieces!

3) I did not use the teddy bear buttons because they were freaking me out. I looked at them and to be honest, they gave me an insight into teddy bear and clown phobia. How could I inflict these buttons, with this strange look in their eyes, on a one year old little boy?

I doubt that he would have been able to sleep at night!


Soo said...

Cute sweater. And good call on not using the Teddy Bear buttons! They made me feel oooky looking at them.

toni in florida said...

Those bears do look like they're up to something! I like the sweater, though, and can just picture a little man in it. Congrats on the long-long-long-anticipated FO!