Thursday, 26 February 2009

All set?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. A sixpence in her shoe.

With heartfelt thanks to my friends and family, I think that I am all set:

Something old and something borrowed: a lovely cameo broach that I feel very honoured to be borrowing from Katy. She told me this evening that this broach came to her, from her godmother as she used to admire it when she was little. This really resonates with me as I remember admiring a very similar broach when I was little too - except, oddly - I cannot remember now whether it was my mother's or my grandmother's broach.

Something new: my wedding dress, shoes, shrug and oh, my underpants of plastic steel. Without Lara and my mother, my wedding outfit would not exist. At all. Now the arms of my shrug were a little long for me so both Chrissy and Lara came to my assistance today to adjust its fit. Chrissy helped me to shorten the sleeves a little and Lara crocheted a stablising edge for me.

Something blue: I have a gorgeous blue silk garter from Mel that I will wear with pride on Sunday. It feels really important to have something with me from my friends from home. Also... my plastic pants will make sure that it stays in place?!

A sixpence in her shoe: well, what can I say? The Fella has come to the rescue! He delved deep into something he called 'the treasure chest' and he pulled out an original 1938 British sixpence. A bit of metal polish tonight and it has come up a treat. I doubt that my shoes or my feet will cope with the presence of a coin but trust me, it will be about my person somewhere.

So, um....wish me luck for Sunday?!

ETA: Roobeedoo, you have given me a fantastic idea, thank you!


RooKnits said...

Good Luck. Have a wonderful wonderful day.

SusieH said...

Best of luck; enjoy one another and enjoy the day!
From a random reader who's found you from Ravelry.

Roobeedoo said...

Woo hoo! Have a fabulous day! You couldn't use the sixpence as a shoe decoration could you? Then it wouldn't hurt you and would be a great talking point for those who don't know about the magnificent steel knickers!

Robynn said...

Mwah! Big fat congratulatory kiss. I'll be thinking of you.

yogicknitter said...

Have the most wonderful day. I cellotape my sixpence to the silk of my shoe under the tongue but over my foot so it didn't irritate me.

Susanne said...

Dear Gabrielle,
I wish you so much luck for your wedding day. May it be the most wonderful day of your life yet and I hope there will be many many lucky days to come for you both!!

Arianne said...

Happy Wedding Day Gabrielle!

I wish you all the best and I am so unbelievably pleased for you. :)

(P.S.- I promise to stop asking what ORK stands for....)