Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sock Stalking: An Appreciation

I am not a sock knitter. However, this doesn't mean that I do not not have sock yarn in my stash, that I do not enjoy reading about the sock exploits of others and that I do not appreciate the results of their work.


Oh contraire! Amongst others, Roobeedoo, Yogic Knitter and Erqsome all make, and in Emm's case design, fabulous socks. I love seeing their work on their blogs. In addition, I have half worn to death the socks that Mel gave me last Autumn: comfy and tested for warmth to at least -6 degrees! In fact, I would like to make the Fella a pair of socks as he has never experienced such comfort and warmth between his feet and his shoes (watch this space).


Yet there is one knitter who stands out to me for her dedication to photographing as many varieties of socks as she can, out in the wild and in their natural habitats.

I present, Knitterbunny, official Sock Hunter since March 2007.

So far, I believe that there have been 51 episodes of the Sock Hunter on her blog, which is 51 pairs of socks in 24 months. "So what?" I hear you ask, "That's 2.2 pairs of socks on average a month - I could do that."

Well, for starters, it impresses me because I made a pair of socks last year and it took me two months to knit a pair of extremely plain socks! Then, for finishers, Knitterbunny does not only work on socks. Last year, she chalked up an astonishing (to me) 97 knitted items. This list includes 34 pairs of socks, 5 sweaters and about 7 lace shawls. Some projects were made with her own handspun yarn and a range of them became prize winning entries at her local state fair - not bad, eh?!

Now, from this, you might think that her blog and Ravelry name allude to her needle speed. Nope - in her spare time (when not working, studying or knitting), she raises, shows and judges Dutch rabbits.


Why am I mentioning all this? Well, I enjoy reading Knitterbunny's blog and last April, I had an opportunity to help her to source some beads for one of her state fair projects. Now, in return, I have received my very own pair of Sock Hunted Socks, as detailed here on her blog.

They arrived this week*, they are lovely, they fit perfectly and, as they are cotton, they do not make me scratch at my feet like my shoes are filled with fleas!


Hurray - thank you, I love them!

*Notes: the interval between beads and socks is entirely my fault - despite many reminders, I did not manage to supply my foot measurements until a few weeks ago! Now my measurements are (as I am unlikely to ever remember this information unless I record it somewhere sensible i.e. in plain sight on my blog):

Heel to Tow (weight on foot)
Left: 9 and a half inches Right: 9 and just over a quarter inches

Circumference of Ball (just behind toes, weight on foot)

9 inches (give or take 1-2 eighths between feet!)

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Kelli said...

Cripes. Give a woman a pair of socks and she makes you blush like a teenager.

I am very intrigued by the textural shots, though.