Monday, 16 February 2009

A Glamourous Sister & Simple Knitting

I have sneaked these photos from Facebook so I will just have to hope that the originator does not mind as they are the only photos that I have seen of my sister's wedding so far!

The happy couple! Doesn't Amy look fab?

My family's sense of humour at work!

The bride, celebrates - British style!

My sister told me to expect to see lots of pictures of her holding both a pint and a ciggie and do you know what? She was quite right! I spoke to her yesterday and she reports that she had a brilliant day, ate and drank for Britain (to make up for the last month of effort needed to squeeze back into her dress after the excesses of Christmas). Then, on Sunday morning? Oh, she had a very severe hangover!

Meanwhile in Vancouver...

...on Lara's recommendation, I asked the Fella to take me to a local Bird Sanctuary and it was brilliant! I haven't processed the photos yet due to some PC problems but I had always thought that bird sanctuaries were reserved for twitchers and people with serious zoom lenses. Oh no, for 50c it is possible to purchase a bag of bird feed that will result in the purchaser being dive bombed by gaggles of ducks!

So while we were there, I asked the Fella to pose with a part of his Valentine's present from me:


It is another simple scarf, worked up in 5 balls of Noro Silk Garden Chunky. The Fella picked out the colourway. I used roughly the same pattern that I used before - click here for the details! The modifications to my original set of scarves are that I used this yarn single and cast on 30 stitches, which resulted in a rather wider scarf. I probably could have got away with 4 balls of yarn if I had stuck with 25 stitches! I used swing needles and worked with two balls of yarn at the same time (alternating balls for each row) in order to achieve the heathered effect.

The scarf is a replacement for the one that I made him for Valentine's Day last year and that he has misplaced. He thinks that he left it on an aeroplane after one of his many commutes to see me last year (which makes it a bit difficult for me to chastise him about its loss).

However, as he has been hoping that his old scarf is merely mislaid, he has been resisting the acquisition of a new one. So he has been without a scarf all winter. I have made him a replacement as I think that he might need one in the place that we are getting married!


I have warned the Fella that if he loses this scarf, I will only replace it with something made of nice, cheap and very soft manmade fibre! So I think that the name that I have given this Ravelry project sums up my sentiments fairly well: Lose This and you are Toast!

Thank you for a such a great day on Saturday Fella, Happy Valentines xxx


Kelli said...

I like the name. . .

RooKnits said...

Your sister looks fabulous! I love the pint and the cigarette photo. I also love her little bolero thingie and flowers - I'm getting married in July and I'm always looking for ideas!

Team Knit ! said...

Gorgeous scarf, I love the colours! Your sister looks like she had a blast at her wedding, for sure. :)

- Julie said...

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