Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Good News!

ETA: Mel's garter arrived today as well and it is fabulous! Hurray: Cinderella can now go to the ball!

1) Robynn has now had her baby shower, so I can reveal that my first FOs of this year were two teal, barn raising squares that I made as a contribution towards her baby blanket! You can see a lovely picture of the finished blanket on Robynn's blog and more images from the baby shower on Ravelry, in this discussion thread. Mel did an absolutely fantastic job of organising squares from Robynn's friends and customers all over the world plus she put the blanket together with a fleece backing - bloomin' good work!

"All" Robynn has to do now, is pop her baby out on the 1st March at 3pm PST or 11pm GMT (the time of my wedding ceremony) and I will stand a chance of winning a sweepstake!

Actually Robynn, we hope that it all goes well and we will be keeping our ears and eyes peeled for news over here on the West Coast!

2) The shrug arrived from my mother yesterday and it is beautiful - I just need to sew the sleeves up a little bit more so that it doesn't slip off my shoulders and lay bare my bingo wings!

3) I finished my course yesterday and I am now the proud owner of a Masters Certificate in Project Management. I hate written exams but it seems that I achieved 85% in the test and that my score was the joint 3rd highest in the classroom. The chap who scored my paper told the class that when I read back over the test at the end and altered some of my answers (as you do) - I changed 6 questions that I had previously answered correctly, to wrong answers. Opps. The icing on the cake is that the team I worked in, came out in pole position in the project simulation too.

It's not all quite over though. Now that the course is finished, I may submit my application to sit a further exam. However, to sit the Project Management Institute's professional accreditation exam (PMP), I need to provide evidence that I have 7500 hours of Project Management experience (yes, detailed in hours).

I am going to wait until after my wedding to do this paperwork. If I am accepted, I will try to schedule my exam to take place in a month or two so that I have a breather for a bit (yet more cramming in my future)!


yogicknitter said...

As you can see I have been so busy organising the baby shower and other knitted goodies for friends I haven't updated my blog in a while. Hoping to do something tomorrow.
Congratulations on the Masters.
And for doing so well in your class, but of course we have come to expect nothing less of you.

Robynn said...

Congrats congrats - very well done! And thank you so much for your contribution to the blankie o' love. It makes me very happy indeed. :-D

As for the sweepstakes - well - Sunday isn't exactly my favourite choice, but it's do-able. I'm just glad you're all betting on when, not how long, as my ex-colleagues tend to. My so-called friend Lucy is saying 30 hours. The swine!

Roobeedoo said...

Hope the wedding plans count towards those hours...?!
Well done!!

yogicknitter said...

Oh so pleased it has arrived in plenty of time. xx