Thursday, 24 January 2008

Civil Moustachioed Disobedience

For some reason, it feels important to stand up and be counted when a decent human being is making a stand for the greater female good (sort of) - even though you know that this person already has very strong support and may not actually require your assistance!

Yet who on earth could pass up an opportunity to don an oversized hat, wig, shades, moustache and adopt a pseudonym?

Nope, not me:

Female Moustache Freedom Fighter
Lumpy Liverhead a.k.a Crusty Appletush

(lives her life in full technicolour)

West London is in - are you?!

I am equally happy for this blog post to stand as a very simple protest at the proposed, inappropriate behaviour of other human beings. Enough said. Lumpy Liverhead out.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how we can be so hurtful in our humanness isn't it.

erqsome said...

a. You look AWESOME! I love it. I think this is how we should flash mob St Pancras. A thousand knitters with eyeliners moustaches. It'll be fantastic and daunting to all those non-moustachiod types!

b. That lot are sick.

Dotty said...

You look great in a moustache! The sunglasses are a very nice touch.

missmalice said...

those freaks are whacked out. Honestly. I believe if we carried out a covert mission to forcibly mustachio their barefaced foolish cheek, it will help free their imprisoned, shrivelled and poisoned minds. Allioup Freedom Fighters!! Pens at the ready!

Chim-chim Gorillasprinkles salutes you!

Ketutar said...

Too bad I'm not a student in London... I have a photo with self-grown moustaches!

But with the movement in spirit,