Friday, 25 January 2008

There is knitting...

...albeit, just a little background activity while I am plugging through my day job, trying to clear the decks of my sport admin (which I have had to prioritise over sorting out my Puss in Boots wrap template) and spending an evening sporting a drawn on moustache.

This scarf is just intended as a little time filler for something to do on the train. It is the Storm Water Scarf pattern that came with the yarn.

I have done quite a lot of big needle knitting lately, so it is good to get used to working with some 4mm needles before I need to pick up my 3.75mms for the wrap.

The wrap will be my next serious project. I have to accept that it will miss its deadline (12th February). However, I have my fingers crossed that it may still be alright if I manage to finish it by the end of February?

If not, then it is my own fault. However, it would still be good to complete it by then, so that I can get the pattern written up and over to Robynn. It is intended as a summer wrap, so if anyone would like to knit it - Spring would be a good time for the pattern to be available?

In the meantime, I guess that I should have picked something quick and brainless as a filler project, rather than something that requires me to count-count-count?!

However, the stitchmarkers that Dotty gave me for Christmas are helping immensely and as the yarn is beautiful, wonderfully soft Handmaiden Seasilk, I am quite happy to forgive the pattern for being a little bit fiddly.

Please enjoy your weekend: happy knitting!


Team Knit ! said...

Your Midwest Moonlight is looking great so far! I know what you mean about it being slow going- I cast on for it just out of a need for some subway knitting, and I stll haven't finsished the bloody thing. Love the yarn you chose!

- Julie

Anonymous said...

Sea. Silk. sigh

emmms said...

I feel a bit silly about this, but as it's instructed, I feel compelled to let you know that you make my day. The reason for this can be found in my 27 Jan post. (Blogger doesn't like my links.)

(Three cheers for html ineptitude.)