Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Nasty Scratchy Noro - There May Be Hope?

Do you know, I have no clue when I last posted about this scarf?

I think that this happens when your days run into nights, run into days...?!

However, I did listen to the advice that I received about the use of hair conditioner on Ravelry.

Then, deciding that I was a bit too too chicken to leap in and go straight for the kill with the overnight bathing of this scarf in hair conditioner (my god was this yarn expensive and oh boy, am I scared of ruining it), I opted to use the test sample of Eucalan (did I spell that right?) which I received from the glory that is the lovely Alice over at Socktopus.

The yarn was duly dipped and the stench of dead, wet sheep was not encouraging. In fact, I have been living with that smell, since I last posted about this scarf (I am not sure, should the occasion ever arise) that I will ever be able to bottle feed a lamb ever again.

However, I have come home tonight and the all pervading stench of smelly, wet sheep has finally gone from the upstairs of my home - that alone, is a relief.


However, what is even better news is that the-scarf-is-amost-dry (I had no idea it would take this long). And do you know what? It feels softer somehow.


I am further bouyed up by my lovely fella who has seen the pictures of the scarf now and advised that he likes the colours.


It may not be a disaster, after all.



Ps: I concur with the comments about this yarn's scratchiness and the prescence of plant life. In my view, the self striping aspects of this yarn might be cool and well liked but surely this is no real excuse to create yarn that feels like it has been spun out of doormat factory floor sweepings, complete with authentic bits of straw?!

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