Thursday, 17 January 2008

Acknowledging Christmas Generosity

I appreciate that it is mid January (I am so behind) but I would just like to acknowledge some of the gifts that I received for Christmas in order to thank the people who gave them to me.*

You already know that I received a pair of Lantern Moon glass needles from Robynn before Christmas. (They are winking at my from my needle jar and I am itching to use them!

What sort of yarn would work best with glass needles, I wonder? Something not too slippery?

In addition, I received:

- a fridge notepad and stitch markers from a certain Yarn Floozy. The notepad has pride of place on my fridge and I am waiting for a good opportunity to use my stitch markers!

- a moebius scarf and a personalised sock kit from Yogic Knitter who koolaid dyed the yarn specially for me in colours that she knows that I like!

I have hardly taken off the moebius scarf since I received it but I do not wear it when I see Mel so she probably thinks that I do not like it. That is not the case at all! It is just that Mel has knitted the other half of the skein into an identical scarf for herself. Now as she knitted both scarves, I feel that she should have garment wearing precedence when we are out in public!

(Okay. Quick question - now why is it that everyone seems to want me to learn how to knit socks when I cannot even hold dpns without an apparent attack of Tourette's Syndrome?!)

Also in the picture are a few gifts from my fella:

- a 2 metre ruler. You need to understand that this is not just a ruler - it is, in fact, an important, international communication device (I tend to work in metric, while he works in inches)!

- a camera monopod for taking pictures of knitting in low light (out of frame for obvious reasons!); and oh, um

- not really presents but I do claim the two skeins of Indigo Moon Yarn in the picture as a present, even though they are simply a by-product of a gift purchase for Robynn! I did a 'recon' to 3 Bags Full back in October but I didn't have time to think about everything I wanted. So I asked the fella to go back on my behalf in December to pick up some things that I had seen for Robynn and Mel - a pink medium sized KnitKnow Pouch and 2 skeins of sock yarn for Robynn (in purples), so that she could make another pair of boot socks.**

Just to be on the safe side, he bought me over a selection of three colours (purple, green and blue) but he only picked up two skeins in one of the colourways, which is the one that he happened to like the best (green). Well, as the present was for long boot socks, this nailed down exactly what I wrapped for Robynn! Luckily, she agrees with the fella and the yarn is happily stashed in its new home..., this means that the fella has unintentionally added to my sock yarn stash too. Now if I do a mental count, I think that I am now in posession of between 5-8 skeins of sock yarn when I do not, or should that be cannot, knit socks.


So perhaps I do need to submit to lessons at some point during 2008?

People...I will try but I cannot promise success.

Or an absence of swearing.

* Christmas Gifts: I did manage to stick to my rule of 'no presents for over 18s' (in the main). A formal exchange of presents was dispensed with the majority of adults and both parties donated money to charity instead. To soften the absence of gifts blow, my fella and I also gave small gifts of gourmet ground coffee from the Monmouth Street Coffee Company or Canadian Sockeye smoked salmon, that the fella had smoked specially in Canada and bought over with him for family and friends to enjoy over the festive period. However, there are some people I knew would give gifts I reciprocated!

I hope that you all enjoy your presents as much as I am enjoying mine.

**Opps, note to self: reimburse fella for proxy gift purchases!


Dotty said...

Ya don't hafta knit socks with sock yarn. You can use it for a scarf and/or mittens. I used some sock yarn to make hubby mittens for his birthday and he loves them.

Kelli said...

six words: magic loop; socks on two circs