Monday, 21 January 2008

You know what? Stuff it all...

...I have done a full day's work and I am shattered - frankly, I am on my chin strap.

So I am going to make like a normal person/knitter on a Monday night - I am going to have an evening away from my PC (this follows a day in the office and a weekend almost exclusively glued to the damned thing, trying to catch up).

I am going to retire to bed with some knitting.

I am not going to feel guilty about my stack of office work or my mountain of unresolved sport admin or the knitting I am so dreadfully behind on - these things will all loom large for me to panic about in the morning (pretty much in the way I have been panicking about them on a minor or major scale for many weeks).

Speak to the hand, people - speak to the hand, as this woman's face is just too tired to listen!


Yogicknitter said...

Don't blame you at all. Sometimes bed is all you need and nothing else will do. Missed you on Sunday evening. I dream of one day havning an uninteruppted lie in.

Gabrielle said...

Test Comment