Sunday, 27 January 2008

Garden in January

I was sitting at my desk this morning (glaring at my sports admin documents) when something out in the garden caught my eye. I went outside to investigate and I am really glad that I did. This is what caught my eye from the window:

I love this plant. For me, it is real reminder of the beauty that exists, even in the colder, grey months of the year. I stood there, admiring it, thinking this thought and feeling quite uplifted. Then I had a quick glance about my back yard, simply expecting to see the dead foliage that I still haven't managed to tidy up from the end of last autumn.

Instead, I noticed that my back yard seems to think that Spring is well and truly on its way. My hyacinths are starting to push their robust spikes up through the earth and in addition, both my narcissi and daffodils look well on their way towards blooming:

Then I spotted this little treasure, tucked away in a corner:

I am not sure but this seems a little early to me? That said, the Thames Valley is quite protected and it always seems to be 1-2 degrees warmer here in the London suburbs than it is in the surrounding countryside?

In a little girl sort of way, I have been feeling quite jealous of the people blgging about their snow filled winter. However, I cannot tell you how much better I felt for seeing this life and colour out in my garden.

Particularly on a weekend when all I feel I have done is stare grimly at documents on my computer. Hey-ho.


Dotty said...

Your lenten rose is beautiful. I can't grow them in my garden because I don't have the right spot for one. Your garden is right on schedule. I looked it up and you're zone 9 and that makes you a little more temperate than us. A neighbour down the street has daffodils poking up because they're planted under some rhodos but mine are still well hidden because they're in a colder part of the yard. The only thing alive are my snowdrops and they're currently covered in snow lol!

Team Knit ! said...

Ooh, those are all just gorgeous. Here in Canada, we're still a long way off, but thanks for this tiny glimpse of spring to come.

- Julie

TutleyMutley said...

Down south, here in Devon, we've had primroses in the hedgerows for weeks, it seems. Love your pics, Gabrielle, mmmm.
Let me know how your cake baking goes and well done for losing that 5lb!