Thursday, 6 September 2007

Central London

I live in the 'burbs.

Sometimes, central London is just the place I commute to for the purposes of work. It can be a dreary, expensive, grey, concrete, windy, rainy oppressive place, stuffed full of people intent on getting under my feet. Yet at other times, it can be a strikingly beautiful and fascinating place.

I am aware that familiarity can breed contempt. I know that sometimes I don't see the city at all (eyes fixed on the pavement in front of me, or fixed on the people that I am stepping around to and from the office). I realise I do not exploit its full potential on a daily basis.

In fact, I once texted a friend to say that I needed cheering up as I had the mid-afternoon, energy low glooms and all I could see was concrete and steel grey weather outside my office window. They immediately texted back to say:

"Cheering up? You live in one of the finest cities in the world at the start of the C21! What more could you ask for?!"

Well, that stopped me in my tracks. Considered fortunate? To live and work in a place I'd swap for a dental appointment at the drop of a hat?

I considered their perspective (a rural 'idyll'), I felt perplexed. Then, I understood their point - I have everything I could ever need (to survive, inform or enjoy myself), within a stone's throw in any direction. Whereas they once complained about needing to drive an hour to get to the nearest Tescos.

That is what makes things like the other evening so special. To see the city from an angle that you do not usually see. Look! London can be a very beautiful and interesting place.

I will add more photos, as and when I receive them.

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