Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Socktopus Launch Party

The Socktopus Launch Party (& Ravelry London UK Knitters Group Meet & Greet)!
Reason: Socktopus and Shop Blog
Date: Friday 14th September 2007
Place: Pacifica Day Spa, Notting Hill, London

The Launch Party
When I arrived, the spa was buzzing with knitters, all sipping drinks, chatting ten to the dozen and nibbling on lovely things served elegantly on trays by Estelle & Vincent.

The spa treatments had been put away, some lovely yarns had been stacked in their place, a treatment therapist was ready to deliver hand - arm massage prizes, Alice looked happy and two small pug dogs raced about underfoot as they attempted to steal crudities from coffee tables.

I do not know whether it was just coincidence that not many people were paying the yarn much attention when I arrived (perhaps, they were pretending not to be interested out of social decorum while everyone settled in with a drink) but suddenly, as though some invisible signal had been given, knitters were three-four people deep, trying to see, feel or otherwise get their hands on the yarn that they wanted - it was quite astonishing!

Alice beamed happily by the till, while her friends organised people, helped with prices, announced prize winners and served drinks.

I had a brilliant time and happily fell off my food wagon for the evening. I couldn't get close to inspect any glass dpns or books, so I contented myself by petting yarn, introducing myself to or catching up with some knitters I have not seen for a while.

Ravelry London UK Knitters Group Meet & Greet
It really and truly was! As I was browsing yarn and chatting, I found myself looking at people thinking,

'Hmm, now why do I feel that I recognise you? Oh! You must be X...oh help, that's your username. Oh no, is it a social faux pas, not to know your first name?! Oh sod it, I am just going to introduce myself.'

So I did: Princess Deia, Indie Knits, Erqsome, Wanderlust Knits, Mulene. Hello!

See? Pretty fab, all round. How often do you get to go somewhere, meet up with some lovely people, buy yarn and get well looked after, all at once?! Some (increasingly inebriated) snaps of the evening can be found here!

Okay, I now want to add Tempting to my project queue as I met a great advert for this top last night - (Hello!) if you look at my photos, you will see what I mean!

Morning After - O.R.K. Hangover Cure

- Sunshine
- Good coffee
- Peace and quiet
- Small piece of chocolate
- Yarn to unwrap in daylight
- Memories of a good evening.

Okay, with this, who needs Ibuprofen?!

Enjoy your weekend - after last night, I am under orders from Mel and Bev to bring my ball winder and swift to Gymknit tomorrow evening so that they can deal with their purchases. Hmm. Now I thought that we were supposed to be supporting Innocent The Big Knit tomorrow eve?! Perhaps I should impose a skein tax: one hat in return for every ball wound? FLaRD Mel, FLaRD!


Alice said...

Yay!! I am so happy you had a good time!!! I wish I had had more time to chat with everyone... although I think i would have been very jealous about the ravelry meet up - since I am still waiting for my invite (only 1142 now in front of me!! whooowooo!!!).

You are the best enabler I have ever met! Patrolling the shelves for lone yarns and matching them up with their bereft twins. Dangerous lady! :)

Mully Nex said...

*wave* Hellooo back. What a fun time it was and all that gorgeous yarn! I saw the glass needles from a distance but I was too scared to touch lest I break them. They did look very lovely.

Laura said...

Hello! It was a good party wasn't it? I got pretty drunk and have felt rough all day today but it was worth it!

Laura x