Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Coffee, templates, mistakes and gourmet platters!

Sunday was all about:

- good coffee;

- Puss in Boots wrap templates;

- catching up with friends; and

- ripping and reknitting a section of the lace shaped tee (ready to take with me on my Monday commute).

Oh yes. Knit, rip, knit. At eleven pm, Sunday evening, I looked at my lace shaped tee, sighed, admitted defeat and set it aside for ripping back again. Can you spot why? Left hand photo.

I reworked it again today on the train and I think that it is looking a bit more correct now - actually who knows?

I am that point with it, I swear, where I no longer care so much. Hmm, not a good sign!

So yesterday was all about Puss in Boots wrap beads, as I am close with the template. The final bit of swatching? I live in hope!

Sadly, on my way into work, I ruled out the beads that I bought back in July. They simply disappeared into the knitted fabric. Oufff!

So after 7 hours of 7, back to back (life force sucking) meetings, I bid my boss a fond farewell and pegged it to a local bead shop, 30 minutes before closing. I felt like I was doing the frantic bead equivilent of a supermarket sweep for anything in the right sort of size and colour.

I carried my gourmet beads home, like precious cargo. There, I found an unmissable invitation from Katherine to share a glass of wine and a platter designed for the discerning knitter.

Go see! You can also access it via the Puss in Boots - O.R.K. Knitting Projects link, top right.

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