Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Finished Object: Packaged, Sent & Received!

A couple of things to share this evening. Firstly, old wood, type setting (?) letters. I picked these up back in March to use as part of my ORK care labels and this is the first time that I have used them - really pleased!

I packaged the Baby's Ballerina top together with the main posts that have referred to it and made up an ORK Care Label:

- vital statistics about the project

- ball band care label!

Now, having dutifully shared the above with you, I am utterly and totally delighted to share the following two pictures with you. My finished object arrived safe and sound today. So without further ado, please meet my incredibly gorgeous gift recipient, aged 4 months, sporting her very own ORK:

Now that's what I call job satisfaction!

(Feeling clucky...who me? A-hem, perhaps!)

Thank you A & I, I hope that your ORK serves you well!


Robynn said...

AWWWW! And she still has room to grow! Well done. And I LOVE those ORK labels, absolutely gorgeous.

Kelli said...

I love those wooden blocks. They are absolutely stunning.