Tuesday, 18 September 2007

See this? Now just how is this for a Hero?!

I just ordered this rose (bare root) from David Austin roses, having missed out on it for about three years in a row: sold out.

It's called Hero. If it obliges and blooms (even half as prettily) in my garden, over my Very Ugly Garden Shed it will definitely live up to its name - as it will save the view from my kitchen window, in the way that the white passionflower has not!

The question is - how long does it take for bare root stock to establish and flower?

Will I get little pink heroes next season....?!

So while I was outside, surveying my land (cough) and imagining the impact of my little pink Hero, I spotted this little Walkers Crisps lorry (truck), parked in the Pub Car Park behind my house and...

...I was gripped by a massive desire for crisps - I almost climbed my garden fence to lick the potato pictures! So, next question: why is it that I crave not-very-good-for-me-beige-food when I am dieting? Why do I start seeing temptation for it everywhere?! E.g. in my back garden when I am scoping out where to put my new rose plant (when it arrives).

Otherwise, some Gymknit Innocent Hats are in progress and so far I have knitted and ripped out two Shaped Lace Tee sleeves. One step forwards...two steps back!

See? If you look closely....

...no more closely, amongst the happy chaos of our knitting table...

...there are hats!

I claim the bright pink and the centre grey effort!

Team Hat Score: Mel 4 + Bev 2 + Suki 2 + Gabrielle 2 = 10 hats so far!


Kelli said...

I am constantly craving satly and sweet snacks. It's a tough road to walk knowing they aren't good for you and desperately wanting them all the same. Speaking of, sweet potato chips (crisps), so tasty, so fatty, so yummy. *drool*

Mel said...

Yes, four to me! Have also found pack of ready made bobbles in the loft so don't have to waste time there either. More time to knit hats. I really don't like making bobbles Love the rose, it really is very delicate.