Monday, 18 August 2008

I now have blog envy...


It's very simple. I spent the whole weekend in Hereford setting up this blog for my mother*.

Yup - please do abandon this simple, single page layout blog to head over there, lend her some encouragement and admire her new, Wordpress multiple page layout blog! It's not quite all there yet but it's early days. It will take her a little time to knock its rough edges off and mould it into the shape that she is happy with.

No, please do not mind me. I'll sit just over here with my simple, single page Blogger blog set up...sniff, sob...too worn out to even insert a picture in this post know, knit.

'Cos even though I was too lost in blog-set-up-ville to knit a stitch over the weekend, I'm very close to the finishing line in one of my Ravelympic projects - Scarf Stroke.

I am a long way off in my Baby Dressage event though. After ripping the sleeve out three times, I worked out that my gauge was off, in a rather odd way - it seems to be correct vertically but wrong, width wise.

It is a sideways knit. So my tentative solution? Um, to follow the width stitch instructions for 6-12 months but the vertical instructions for 1-2 years. Not very scientific. Goodness know how it will turn out.

The only thing that I think I can guarantee? It won't be turned out by the end of the Closing Ceremony on the 24th August!

Pictures of knitting progress soon.

* * * *

*Notes: Hence no pictures of the phyllo yet - I think that photos will have to wait until next weekend now as the evenings seem to be getting dark very quickly these days!


yogicknitter said...

Ah that will explain why we missed you at knitting group on Sunday. Right will go over and have a look now.

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Well done on mum's blog... I have considered moving to wordpress for exactly the same reason, but not until I get my head around getting a domain. :)

melissa said...

Oh wow, I come frome Hereford and my parents still live there. I can't believe your Mum has a store in Capuchin yarn - I spent my teenage years frequenting the beadshop there and getting the cheapest cups of tea around from Nutters cafe. I even worked in a shop there for a while.

It's a good website and next tie I go home to visit i'll totally be going around to the shop to have a look around.