Monday, 25 August 2008

Twist-Untwist: Dawn to Dusk Scarf

I do not want to go on about this project as it was such a quick knit but just as a bit of context, I thought that you might like to know the reason I made a double layered scarf?

I was over at my parents (one branch thereof). They were preparing to head off to a wedding - a day-to-evening affair. My stepmother was fretting about her outfit and how it would stand up to the transition between day and evening. This is a tricky situation for any woman, right?!

My stepmother had a gold scarf to accessorise her outfit - it was perfect for evening but a bit dayglo-bling for daytime. So after a bit of discussion, the suggestion that won favour was for her to tie the scarf to her handbag during the day and then wear it during the evening to glam up her outfit.

So I decided to make her a scarf for her birthday to help solve this problem in the future - just so she has something that will carry her through a day-to-evening-event.

While I am not 100% there with this idea yet, I am happy that I have made my stepmother a scarf that I think will appeal to both her engineer's daughter heart and her firm views on value. I think that she will appreciate how it is put together and also enjoy the idea of a three-in-one-scarf?!

The pattern that I used is the Single Cable Scarf from One Skein.

Scarf One - the top layer is worked in Misti Alpaca Chunky. I omitted a rib repeat from this scarf as the yarn is bulky and was a bit short on yardage:


Actually, I nicknamed this scarf Twist-Untwist because that is how the top scarf looks to me (cable set against two straight columns) - no science there, then! This scarf took about two train commutes to make, so about 1-1.25 hours? A quick knit indeed - very satisfying.

Scarf Two - the bottom layer is made with Rowan Kidsilk Haze, embellished with shell buttons I picked up at John Lewis. It is worked exactly as per the pattern to ensure that it was wide enough to show either side of the top scarf. As a result, it took just over a single ball as I worked the yarn double. I was about 3" short? Luckily, I discovered a stray half ball of the same Rowan yarn/shade in my stash (left over from my Alice in Wonderland project) and there was no discernible difference between the two dye batches! Lucky again!


I didn't time how long it took to make this scarf. However, it did take longer to make as the kidsilk haze is not so easy to work with. The buttons took two train commutes to sew into place. I added them to both sides of the bottom layer as a light catching, decorative embellishment.

However, they are also intended to be functional as they attach the two scarf layers together. They are simply pushed through the top layer stitches.

Scarf Three - so, all together now:


Ahhhh! Yes, it is a very cuddly, soft scarf (even if I cannot wear mohair for more than about 5 3 minutes)!

I studied 3D design at university once upon a time. Goodness, I suspect that I spent hours, no days, pondering the merits of form over function when I was about 20. I think that we even had to write essays about it. I need to confess that this button solution appeals ridiculously to my practical vs aesthetic nature.

Crikey, two happy projects in a row - now there's tempting knitting fate. Maybe the answer is just that I should keep my knitting simple. I dunno, spend the rest of my life churning out nice, simple scarves?

Hmm, right - now where would the exploration, growth and entertainment be in that?!

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yogicknitter said...

Just love it. Such and ingenious idea. Keep them coming.