Thursday, 14 August 2008

Rubber Ducks: a National Obsession?!

As it is the Olympics, just let me be a bit British, for a moment.

This week, I truly enjoyed reading this post very much indeed.

You see, I am quietly convinced that those of us who live across the whole of the British Isles hold a place in their heart for certain, offbeat things that render us, almost-but-not-quite, incomprehensible to the rest of the world.

No, not Roobeedoo's raspberry jam (although that looks yummy and I do not even like jam) but her local, rural art installation. I love it that, just when everyone thinks that they have got to grips with what the United Kingdom is all about, someone conjures up something fairly left field, like a rubber duck in a pothole, on the side of a road - beat that, if you can!

Now, just in case you think that I am making up our nation's affection for the very glorious, yellow, rubber duck, I would like to share some photos from an annual event that the Fella and I happened to take part in on New Year's Day.

Now this is an annual event in Wales - a fair old distance from Roobeedoo. If you look at the photos, it is an event that even gets spectators.

Oh and this next slide set? This is a world record breaking event that took place at Hampton Court in 2007 - it beat the world record by 40,000 rubber ducks. Apparently.

Y'know, I was informed by a colleague today that China is racing ahead in in the golds medal table at the Olympics this year.

I think that's great! Yet trust me, if it came down to Olympic rubber duck racing? The gloves would be off - I would be there, doing my best to ensure that Britain would be on the podium taking Gold, Silver and Bronze*!

* * *
*Notes: possibly only likely because no other nation had thought to train in a sport that involves the Winnie the Pooh sticks principle?!

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Roobeedoo said...

Tee hee hee!
You know - I wrote to my local newspaper and asked them to ask their readers if anyone knew the story behind the rubber duckie incident and they didn't even answer my email?! That says even more about Britain to me - the more generalised lack of imagination!