Friday, 22 August 2008

Within Deadline!





Omigawd, it's official - I am a Ravelete. Who would'a thunk it?! Better photos later.

(Oh bah humbug - I know that I didn't even dust off my needles for my WIP Wrestling project and I will not have finished my Baby Kimono by the end of the Closing Ceremony...

...but in fairness to my poorly right hand, it seems that the Phyllo Yoked Pullover, circular needles affair duffed my right hand. Honest - even typing this week has been a painful, cramping challenge - now, clearly - this is the excuse that I am going to pull out when my Baby Kimono is only a 1/3rd complete when the bell rings on the end of Closing Ceremony.)


KnitterBunny said...

Well I do like the finished object, even if you don't finish the other ones. :)

yogicknitter said...

Congratulations! It looks fab. Love the way the two go together and detachable, ingenious.

Robynn said...

Wow! Just beautiful - is it as soft and delicious to wear as it looks?

Team Knit ! said...

Ooh, those two scarves look so cuddly and soft... they are so pretty!

- Julie