Saturday, 9 August 2008

A Lazy Afternoon in Brighton

It's Saturday morning, the phyllo is soaking in preparation for blocking and I am sat here with a mug of good coffee. You know, it has been a week and a bit since the Fella returned home. For some reason, it is at everyday times like this that I miss him the most - he should be here drinking Saturday coffee with me!

As a result I have found myself flipping back through our July photographs. There are surprisingly few (we rarely remember to take our cameras out with us). However, one time that we did remember, is an afternoon where we decided to sneak off during the GB Open, as two naughty children absconding from school a much needed break from the competitions. We jumped into the car and took off to Brighton for some fresh sea air and a look around the town.

We wandered through the South Lanes, which are a little maze of shopping alleys in the town centre - has anyone else noticed that there seems to be an abundance of jewellery shops there? I am ashamed to say that I got so close to one window display that that my nose (or was it my forehead?) bounced audibly off the glass, much to the delight of two passing shoppers.

We also strolled along the North Laines, which are a long ribbon of connecting streets with little independent shops and cafes etc. Now, while it was great to be able to walk along a street without falling over a chain coffee shop every two metres, I was left with the nagging feeling that Brighton might not be an entirely sheep friendly town.

All head, no fleece.

Ok, what happened to their bodies? Do I need to start digging up Brighton patios? Are these intended as knitter horror film props, or what?! After the shock of that grisly discovery, we headed to the seafront to take in the sea air along the pebble beach.

We paddled in the sea. Well okay, I paddled in the sea while the Fella gentlemanly kept my handbag safe.

We strolled along the pier, shared an obligatory small portion of fish and chips, won a round of Dolphin Derby and took advantage of a very obvious photo opportunity.

Then, at the very end of our afternoon, we headed to a fish restaurant for dinner before pootling gently off home to face the next round of events.

What a fabulous, lazy holiday afternoon. There are some more Brighton photos here.

Opps – time to start phyllo blocking. I am not sure that it will dry in time to take photos this weekend? So, as it seems to be almost dark by the time I get home after work at the moment, I may not be able to take any pictures until next weekend. Please bear with me!

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Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Oh, how I do love Brighton. We went a few weeks ago. It was really windy,but just as gorgeous as always. Oh, and as for the sheep's heads - YUK!