Friday, 1 August 2008

I am back and... does seem that I never learn!

First and firemost though - happy August and Summer to you all!

Okay, if you managed to catch my last post, you will note that I asserted that I would only take one project away with me to work on at the GB Open. Instead of making a third year pattern repeat of taking away lots of projects (that I do not touch), I would pack one project and finish it.

I wanted to return triumphant and stun you all with Brooklyn Tweed style quality photographs (cough) of my summer holiday knitting. Yep, yep, yep, I was so there (mentally) and ready to impress, I even took my tripod so that the Fella could take the photos...

...ho hum, best laid plans and all that. When I unpacked this evening, I found these in my knitting project bag:

Yup, not one project but five. Five. Each and every one is incomplete too. My unfinished phyllo plus two lots of Dashing, one shrug-wrap and a baby garment (none of which which are started)!

I did manage to work a couple of rounds on my phyllo during a team match, fairly on on the competition but that - folks - is it.

Why? Well the answer is quite simple. I was not knitting, I was doing my level best, alongside 999 or so other competitors, to win some of these trophies:

And do you know what? I did not blooming win any of them. Not one!

I came randomly vaguely close on occasion - I was 2nd in one minor competition, then 6th and 32nd in the two key finals (each after two knockout rounds), I competed in all of the major matches for my home nation and I quietly crept onto the Grand Aggregate board, just sneaked into 50th place on the last day of competitions:

I realise that it is only 50th place but I have never managed to finish on the board before. Apparently my father sat my sister down and explained to her (in detail), just how well I'd done. I did laugh - trust me, having my GB Open results explained to you in detail if you are not involved in my sport, is akin to being a non knitter and listening to someone describing in detail the WPI of their handspun or charity shop treasures. Zzzzzzzz....., it seems that my phyllo yoke goes on, and on, and on. Picked up again in June and now to be finished in August?!

So someday soon, maybe, I'll have something to show for all my efforts? I blooming hope so!

Mind you, it occurs to me that after all this UFO busting that I have been doing lately, that I deserve the reward of knitting something new? The fact that I packed new projects and not other unfinished objects suggests that that is the way my brain is headed. However, what should it be?

A) That wrap-shrug thing (for me?)

B) Dashing - i) for the fella ii) for the fella's son (neither pairs needed til cold weather)

C) Baby garment (1st birthday target present - needs to reach Marseille by early September)

I know which of the above is tugging insistently at my brain - but can you guess too?!


Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Well done you for finishing a fine 50th! :)

Robynn said...

Yes indeed, many congrats on making it onto the board. Woohoo!

As for which project is calling you... I'm thinking the shrug? (Logic: I've not seen you get terribly excited by baby clothes, and deadlines are offputting; and Dashing requires DPNs, of which you are no fan.)

yogicknitter said...

Well done on making a personal best. I always think these are the best kind of achievements as you know you have done the best you have ever done.