Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Just because it does not appeal to me...

...doesn't mean that I do not get it.

I haven't mentioned the Hyperbolic Crochet exhibit at the South Bank to date - simply because it does not appeal to me. I feel tentative about posting this as a lot of people I know have been very enthusiastic about it and contributed to it. So maybe there is something important here that I have missed?

No mathematically impaired explanation from me could possibly outdo this Online Exhibit from the Institute for Figuring: Hyperbolic Space. Read it - honest - even to a "no numbers" brain like mine, it's good.

I need to say that I really like the way that it has been possible to express a 3 dimensional realisation of ideas and research in crochet because it is difficult to create an equivalent model or surface in another way. (Crikey that sounded very arty farty.)

Also, it is very cool that the resulting forms look like a coral reef - no really, it is cool. I do realise that this is quirky, interesting plus makes a really good, valid point about pollution and global warming. I appreciate that all sorts of people have worked really hard on it, even learning new techniques in order to contribute to it. It is just that...

...what can I tell you? It's just not my sort of thing. I have tried to like it. I have - honestly. I just do not. Um. I am really sorry about that.

However, if you have not seen it yet and would like to make your own mind up or contribute to it, then you need to get along to the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank before Sunday, 17th August!

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Team Knit ! said...

Hmm. I definitely see your point. I think I'd find it a lot more appealing if it wasn't such a hodge podge of colour- imaign it all in one colour- could be really striking. Years ago, I saw an exhibit where an artist had knitted (in pink wool, no less!) replicas of every kind of landmine know to mankind. It was incredible, especially given the pink colour. The juxtaposition (there's an arty farty word!) really made it work, and not look like a church rummage sale.

- Julie